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SocialStudent is the premier social and collaborative system for education.  Based on IBM technology, it is a safe, secure, reliable and easy to use environment that allows faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and most importantly students to collaborate in order to provide an enriched learning experience and prepare them for a successful future.

A place where any content or system you need to access is only two clicks away

Jill Watson, TA at Georgia Institute of Technology is actually IBM’s Watson system. All of the students enjoyed her course as she helped them with their design projects

Watson was prompt with with all of emails replies, offered suggestions, and provided the answers within minutes. The students we surprised to find that they had an AI as a teacher, and had high praise for the system.

Learning happens faster when people work together using common tools, methods, and language. SocialStudent provides a common approach and work environment (local, virtual, and mobile) for all participants to meet and work through the entire “Learning Journey” from the initial connection to the course professor through:

  • Adding and connecting the entire course “team” and “sub teams” with rich profiles
  • Sharing and iterating a shared vision and work plan or course outline for the learning exercise
  • “In stream” group brainstorming and vetting tools and met6hods
  • Easy sharing of all work commitments and artefacts/tools
  • Easy harvesting and sharing of best practices for continuous learning improvement

When fully implemented, SocialStudent provides an end-to-end ecosystem to more efficiently and effectively attract, retain, develop, and graduate a well-trained student body, one that can fully embrace the complex value patterns, methods, and tools of the modern workplace.

Our position is unique in the marketplace, in that we have incorporated the functions of many individual tool sets into an easy to use single secure platform.


Social Media Benefits For Students

SocialStudent is uniquely suited to the needs of college students, since it’s presented in a format similar to familiar social media applications.



Our goal? To help you achieve your goals – by providing a platform for collaboration unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.


SocialStudent can be woven into your current environment to deliver an integrated, compelling experience that will attract, retain and develop students and researchers.



When students become part of your institution, the work doesn’t end. SocialStudent helps students, faculty, and staff communicate, collaborate, engage, and connect in a compelling way.




A social environment can contribute to creating lifelong learners, engaging and connecting with former students, and developing fundraising opportunities.


Streamlined Social Solutions

Chances are, your students, faculty, and stakeholders are already using a variety of social media. SocialStudent offers the same functionality as an array of other programs

What Is Socialstudent?




SocialStudent is a leading Social learning environment that encourages faculty members, school members and institutions to create their own dynamic social learning groups.

SocialStudent seamlessly integrates with your current systems and processes (for example your current e-mail system and Identity management system) and provides the means to facilitate inter Faculty, inter School and inter University collaboration. With it’s unique ‘guest model’, you can also create dynamic communities to connect with business leaders (and parents and past students!)

The SocialStudent dashboard is an interactive intranet that does everything traditional intranets do – and much more.



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