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A place where any content or system I need to access is only two clicks away!

A place where any content or system I need to access is only two clicks away!


Soialstudent Dashboard

On any project that I work on, some of the questions I often get asked are:

  • ’Where do I find this piece of information?
  • ’Where is that important document (a holiday form is the most common document that no one can find and needs!)?
  • ’How do I ensure someone has read a new policy document’?
  • Where can I post this training video so everyone can easily find and view it?
  • How do I ensure that someone who is away from the office has easy access to the information they need – when they need it!
  • How do I keep my favourite communities in one list?
  • How can I give easy access to this new system?

As a result of the above, I often recommend that a company looks at a Social intranet to be the ‘Dashboard’ to solve these issues.

When looking at a social intranet for IBM Connections (on premise or cloud), the choice often comes down to the following products:

When looking at the above products, you therefore need to consider what does a dashboard provide?

What does a Dashboard provide?

A Dashboard combines the go-anywhere flexibility of the best mobile applications, collaborative networking by integration into IBM Connections (and any other social media site), integration into the systems your users use on a daily basis (for example a learning management system, HR system, Finance system etc) and the structured communications of conventional intranets in a single experience for your employees!.

The Dashboard is not just a place to consume company information,  it’s a place for employees to get onboarded into your organisation, connect and get to know fellow workmates! It is a place to find people and when you need help – search for an expert.

By using the integration into IBM Connections people can have conversations and share ideas, stay up to date on what’s happening within the company, create and gather in virtual communities, make decisions and take action – a one-stop-shop for everything they need to get their jobs done.

In one sentence it is a place where any content or system is only two clicks away!

When developing the SocialStudent dashboard (which will be previewed at IBM Connect and shown when discussing how Students have used IBM connection to collaborate), we decided to implement the OpusNeo dashboard.   The SocialStudent dashboard (with versions available for business or education)  is an interactive intranet that does everything traditional intranets do – and much more. It has provided the pace where any content is only two clicks away from the user!
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