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SocialStudent can be used in a Class, at a Faculty or School or at the University level

With SocialStudent, you enable inter class / faculty and inter University Collaboration.

SocialStudent also integrates with your current collaboration environment and brings features that can be used immediately after you sign up!

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Student Perspective

SocialStudent features – Student Perspective

Your Online ID

Your unique identity. One of the most discouraging aspects about large universities is that students get categorized as “just another face in the crowd.” Millennials have a strong desire to stand out and have an identity. SocialStudent profiles do just that. Students create personal profiles providing information about themselves, their major, their areas of interests, and expertise. SocialStudent profiles allow students to connect and quickly locate likeminded peers like never before, introducing students to a whole new world of social interaction and innovation.


University Perspective

SocialStudent and IBM Connections

Why Colleges / Universities need to take a look at SocialStudent…NOW.

4 major problems that Universities currently struggle with that SocialStudent can improve.

1. Dropout rates – American Dream 2.0 reported that in 2013, 46% of US college students failed to graduate in 6 years. College can be an overwhelming experience for students. College is filled with new freedom and challenges that are tough for many students to handle.