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Your Online ID

Your unique identity. One of the most discouraging aspects about large universities is that students get categorized as “just another face in the crowd.” Millennials have a strong desire to stand out and have an identity. SocialStudent profiles do just that. Students create personal profiles providing information about themselves, their major, their areas of interests, and expertise. SocialStudent profiles allow students to connect and quickly locate likeminded peers like never before, introducing students to a whole new world of social interaction and innovation.

Online Groups

Make a large university – small. The average class size in college can be intimidating with over 100 students in one class. A student sitting in Economy 101 can join the Economy 101 community and collaborate with likeminded students to: create study groups to meet in the library, find economy major’s (experts) in the class who are willing to lend a helping hand, read blogs from former students on how to succeed in the class, or create a discussion forum to collaborate with the class on all things economics.


Spend more time on your projects – and less time searching and updating documents. The average college student works in over 12 group projects throughout their college career. Sharing large attachments through email, updating and resending them, is a major struggle many students live with. SocialStudent allows for collaborative file creation and editing, giving the student access to the most updated version of the file even allowing them to post comments and ask questions about the file, resulting in more productivity and less white space.

Let your Voice be Heard via an Online Diary / Blog

Let your voice be heard – and learn from others. A freshman coming into college has a lot to learn about the do’s and don’ts in college. For example, it takes time to transition from life at home with your parents- to the new found freedom college brings. We all went through it. SocialStudent allows students to blog about their experience academically or socially. Student’s can share their perspectives and experiences with likeminded students to accelerate innovation, empower the students or from the example above, learn from other students on how to successfully handle the new found freedom in college.

Activity Stream

Stay informed and keep everyone in the loop! The average student is involved in at least 3 different organizations and this can be a headache to juggle the different schedules. From academics, sports, intramurals, clubs, fraternity and sorority’s, each organization demands the student to stay on top of all the activities on the schedule. With SocialStudent activity stream, students can stay in the loop with each organization. Students can post questions about an event, share files about upcoming marketing club gatherings, or even hashtag important link information for the next fraternity meeting. SocialStudent allows the student access to all the information they need, all in one place.


Share expertise or discuss topics of common interest. With the size of most universities today, the ability to let your voice to be heard is hard to come by. With SocialStudent forums, students can create discussions that lead to ground breaking innovation through collaboration. For example, a student can post “I am giving a presentation on the future of mobile phones, does anyone have some good ideas on how to make my presentation unique?” Another example can be for student council, “OSU students, we need some creative ideas on the next homecoming theme, what are your thoughts?” With SocialStudent forums, students can collaborate, connect and innovate like never before.


Find helpful content in seconds. Are you ever looking for a really useful site that will help you study for a test or an assignment? When I was in college, I always used a site that allowed me to create online flashcards to study for a test. However, I could never remember the name of the site. With SocialStudent bookmarks, you can save, organize and share links like this flashcard site with other students to encourage collaboration and utilize useful resources.


Create a common resource that grows and changes. A common problem for students is finding relevant administrative information. For example, a common student inquiry can be, “how do I load the school email platform to my iPhone?” or “ how do I change my password for the school intranet?” These common inquiries can be a pain for both the student and the help desk. SocialStudent wiki’s is an innovative feature that students can use to quickly and collaboratively locate this information. Wikis save the student and the school time and stress!


Access content anywhere. The truth is, everyone is glued to their phone, especially college students. One of the greatest features of SocialStudent is that you can access all of these great features all through your mobile device. A student can quickly share a file with a group member while walking through the halls of campus or comment on a status update about the study group meeting later that night. SocialStudent mobile app, gives students a powerful platform all at their fingertips.