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SocialStudent 2017 University Initiative

In a world where technology changes at the speed of thought, SocialStudent offers a comprehensive, customized solution to information overload.

SocialStudent and IBM sponsored an international virtual team competition composed of students at the University Southern California, the University of Arizona, and Aalto University in Finland. The primary purpose of the competition was to help business students develop virtual collaboration skills using state-of-the-art collaboration tools.

Using the SocialStudent platform (built on IBM Connections software), student teams were composed of four members: typically one student from Aalto University in Finland, one student from the University of Arizona, and two students from separate classes from the University of California. Students were charged with researching how a company of choice uses digital communications to enhance its corporate reputation. Within six weeks, each team developed a written report and a virtual presentation entirely with IBM Connections tools. They met each week with Sametime audio/visual tools, posted meeting minutes and collaborated to co-author documents with Files, and corresponded using other tools such as Chat or Mail.