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AlumniA social environment can contribute to creating lifelong learners, engaging and connecting with former students, and developing fundraising opportunities. With SocialStudent, students who graduate don’t have to leave the university experience behind.

By maintaining connections with graduates, institutions can develop a network of potential mentors for current students. Graduates can connect with new students to share their own stories, discuss their experiences, or offer internships.

With the functionality to store and share records of certificates and achievements, SocialStudent can help members of the community identify those with common interests or experiences to share.

SocialStudent can help alumni feel a sense of connection with the institution, and encourage them to remain involved and supportive long after they leave campus.

With SocialStudent, you can:

  • Maintain an alumni e-mail list
  • Update alumni contact information
  • Advertise activities and events open to alumnae
  • Connect alumni with students seeking mentors in a specific field
  • Foster relationships with alumni