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CollaborationOur goal? To help you achieve your goals – by providing a platform for collaboration unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

SocialStudent fosters purposeful collaborative work in a familiar, easy to navigate format. What is purposeful collaboration?

Here are some thoughts from educators already working with SocialStudent:

SocialStudent can “bring collaboration that is currently taking place in tools such as Facebook and Google+ inside the organization… One major benefit of SocialStudent is the ability to move University discussions that are currently taking place outside the organization, into it. This has the added benefit of making the information available for years to come – if it is on Facebook the information is ‘lost to the organization’ and not able to be referenced in the future.”

SocialStudent can “encourage collaboration between students on different courses/campuses, encourage collaboration when away from the university – allow[ing] students to keep in touch and continue to build their ‘network’ when away from the university…”

“SocialStudent would enhance tutor/lecturer – student interaction. I think that an active collaboration from both sides will add value to the student’s learning experience and also to how instructors ‘deliver’ their knowledge. During my undergrad as well as my masters, I felt that not many lecturers have time to have a face to face meeting with me. I think that this… may solve this problem to some extent.”

As CEOs and millennials come together in the workplace expanding the opportunities to connect – with peers, partners, employees and customers – collaboration, openness, partnering and innovation will become the hallmark of business in the interconnected era.
– Anthony Marshall,

“Businesses may benefit from participating in such a networks as well. SocialStudent… might be used for searching for the best candidates, interesting ideas or, perhaps, testing new software or business approaches. Businesses can also collaborate with professors and researchers – open innovation is well documented strategy.”

SocialStudent will allow “businesses and academics to continue collaborating, sharing and innovating online. [While] the physical environment and facilities are extremely important it’s not always possible for people to work face to face… Social innovation means that all of the partners can carry on working together from their own premises, offices, home or even abroad when they are at conferences or business events.”