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RetentionWhen students become part of your institution, the work doesn’t end. SocialStudent helps students, faculty, and staff communicate, collaborate, engage, and connect in a compelling way.

In the United States, as many as one out of every three freshmen don’t return for sophomore year. (US News and World Report) When colleges and universities have retention problems, potential students take notice, and may wonder why students aren’t returning to a particular school. Helping new students to feel connected and at home, as well as to succeed scholastically, is an important part of any institution’s day to day mission.

SocialStudent can make an immediate impact in the student experience – helping to boost retention rates.

  • Engage students in Housing and Residence Life
  • Encourage students to participate in clubs or campus events
  • Foster lifelong learning by connecting students with network, mentors, and culture on and off campus
  • Spread awareness of Student Government opportunities and activities
  • Create tutoring opportunities or study groups