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CollaborationSocialStudent is a leading Social learning environment that encourages faculty members, school members and institutions to create their own dynamic social learning groups.

SocialStudent seamlessly integrates with your current systems and processes (for example your current e-mail system and Identity management system) and provides the means to facilitate inter Faculty, inter School and inter University collaboration. With it’s unique ‘guest model’, you can also create dynamic communities to connect with business leaders (and parents and past students!)
The SocialStudent dashboard is an interactive intranet that does everything traditional intranets do – and much more.

It combines the natural interface and go-anywhere flexibility of the best mobile apps, the collaborative networking by integration into IBM Connections and the structured communications of conventional intranets in a single experience for your Students, Faculty, and Staff.

It’s not just a place to consume school information. It’s a place for students to get engaged, connect and get to know each other, to have conversations and share ideas, to stay current what’s happening in the university, to gather in class communities, make decisions and take action – a one-stop-shop for everything they need to grow and get involved.

In one sentence, it is a place where any content or system is only two clicks away!
What can YOU do with the power of SocialStudent?
  • Create Self maintaining groups: allow your students / faculty members to create their own groups and collaborate together
  • Connect with other people you are working with
  • Find an expert
  • Supplement the formal learning environment / LMS (Learning management system) with self maintained group!