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Customized SolutionsThe SocialStudent dashboard provides an integrated suite of collaboration tools that combines your existing systems with web conferencing and collaboration capabilities, such as multi-user document editing, file storing and sharing, audio/video capabilities, instant messaging and activity management. Deployed as software as a service , these social collaboration tools provide in a single integrated system that is easy to use, deploy, and maintain.

SocialStudent also includes integration with existing applications such as your in-school Student Information System, your system learning environments, student record systems, or scheduling programs. These programs may be launched from the SocialStudent activity stream and notifications from these systems displayed in context within the activity stream – further simplifying and streamlining communication for administration, faculty, and students.

With SocialStudent and IBM Connections Cloud, your tools include:
1.  Online meetings, seamlessly store and share files and manage projects.
2.  Robust collaboration tools including dashboards, profiles, files, activities, instant messaging and communities.

Collaborate more quickly and easily:
1.  Communicate and collaborate with people inside and outside your classes or school.
2.  Cultivate deeper relationships with students, faculty, and other schools.
3.  Invite guests—at no additional charge—to participate in your online projects.
4.  Create communities to make collaborating even easier.

Make the most of the cloud:
1.  Share and edit information, host online meetings and manage activities more easily with one person or a large community of colleagues inside or outside your institution.
2.  Store and share files with built-in file preview, connect with students, faculty, alumni, and colleagues and manage activities and projects from a single dashboard in the cloud.

Access full-featured collaboration tools:
1.  Access collaboration tools including a personal dashboard, file sharing, communities and instant messaging
2.  Create web meetings for up to 200 participants with audio/video capabilities, desktop and application sharing, and polling
3.  Includes mobile apps for editing files, participating in online meetings, and chatting with contacts.
4.  Create and publish surveys and forms for your classes.

Securely hosted as affordable and accessible cloud services:
1.  Security-rich, seamless integration between services.
2.  Predictable expenses through monthly and annual subscriptions.
3.  Minimal IT staff required.
4.  Available in 22 languages.
5.  Benefit from IBM world-class experience in delivering security-rich, business-ready services.