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Explore SocialStudent: Click on any area to learn more! New to social media? Read this first.

Explore SocialStudent


Use the Activity stream to stay informed and keep everyone in the loop!

  • Post questions or comments on discussions.
  • Like, recommend, and repost posts from others.
  • Provide advice and feedback – share experiences with others.
  • Share files and images in post format.
  • Hashtags can be used to link important information. Filter your activity stream by network, people you’re following, or both.

All the information you need – nothing you don’t.



Use the Forums to start discussions and exchange thoughts.

  • Create discussion boards for topics or groups.
  • Share experiences or discuss topics of common interest
  • Benefit from others’ expertise
  • Network with others who share interests
  • Forums can be moderated

Collaborate, communicate, connect: With SocialStudent, you can!


Present your ideas with Blogs!

  • Present your ideas and learn from others
  • Share your perspective and experience
  • Solicit and rate feedback
  • Communicate with your peers – accelerate innovation

Blogs for professors, students, visiting faculty or community members – social media with a personal touch!


Save, organize, and share content with Bookmarks!

  • Discover bookmarks created by others who share your interests
  • Bookmarks can be ‘qualified’ by peers
  • Any content on SocialStudent can be bookmarked and shared
  • No more searching your inbox or personal bookmarks for useful information

The information you need is always just a click away!


Calendar and email inbox applications can be integrated into SocialStudent – and accessed from multiple devices, including mobile devices.

Never lose touch with your community and your documents – no matter where you are!



Collaborate with those who share your interests with Communities!

Communities may include activity streams, related blogs, discussion forums, wikis, files or media galleries.


Post, share, and find documents, presentations, and more!

  • Collaborative file creation and editing
  • Post comments and ask questions about files
  • Stop sending large attachments through email or outside applications
  • Be sure to access the most updated version of your file – every time!
  • Store and access current and past versions of a file as needed

Organization and collaboration are intuitive with SocialStudent


Edit and create content using Wikis- collaboratively!

Create standalone wikis or associate your wiki with a community
Enter and edit content using rich text or HTML
Recommend, tag, or edit content on wiki pages

With SocialStudent, your community creates a common resource that grows and changes with your needs.


Create compelling experiences using Media!

  • Share photos and videos in Communities
  • Share rich media in addition to text
  • Prospective students, alumnae and other community members can share in the life of your school through shared media

Transform the learning experience at every stage of the student lifecycle with SocialStudent!

Mobile AppMobile App


Access content anywhere!

SocialStudent native applications are available for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. Users can access content via micro-browser or mobile application, depending on device.