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WhoCanUseSocialStudentIn a world where technology changes at the speed of thought, SocialStudent offers a comprehensive, customized solution to information overload.

SocialStudent is about providing the opportunity to communicate and work openly, collaboratively share in unlimited ways that allows you to focus and be more productive. It’s about facilitating conversations and sharing ideas across physical and logistical boundaries.

Whether it is project, study group or just bringing like-minded people together, SocialStudent provides the ability to connect with colleagues in other institutions or businesses and collaborate in an open secure way!

The use of IBM Connections will hold the promise of a more student-centric approach, one that encourages students to reach across the boundaries of academic terms and learning disci­plines and to see their education as a coherent whole that they can maintain using a unified social-centric solution.

SocialStudent is also equipped with a fully functional mobile interface that allows students to connect with the institution from anywhere, at anytime!

Our focus:

  • Improving the student experience throughout their association with your institution
  • Facilitating collaboration between institutions: developing a secure environment for sharing and expanding ideas
  • Offering secure, reliable, and streamlined access to your information and network
  • Building educational networks encompassing colleges, high schools, and academies
  • Introducing informal, social learning environment to enrich traditional classroom experiences and virtual learning opportunities
  • Strengthening alumni relationships by providing opportunities to stay connection and involved
  • Providing sophisticated analytics to track performance and inform strategic plans for improvement
  • Modernizing communication using personalized dashboards and activity streams to keep users informed