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ForFacultyandResearchersSocial Media for 21st Century Academics

Faculty members and researchers need social innovation and collaboration to advance knowledge and study in their fields. SocialStudent can help to meet these needs efficiently and affordably.

Key capabilities of SocialStudent include:

  • Delivering IT solutions that enable the production, management and preservation of vast amounts of digital data
  • Joining groups with similar research interests (who often do not know what others are working on) to enable interdisciplinary work
  • Facilitating collaboration with colleagues inside and outside the institution
  • Reducing administrative overhead

With the functionality of the SocialStudent environment, faculty and researchers at your institution will have a secure, dedicated solution to all of their networking and collaboration needs. SocialStudent can host files, encompass mail and messaging programs, facilitate video conferencing, and connect individuals to each other and to valuable intellectual resources.

All of these features come with the reliability of IBM SmartCloud technology, and comprehensive onboarding and technical support.