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Social Media for 21st Century Students: Digital Lifestyle & Digital Workstyle

ForStudentsToday’s college-aged students expect the latest in technology and innovation to enhance their higher education experience. Most students are digitally literate, accustomed to constant connection through technology and social media, educationally ambitious, and familiar with the concept of a network or community of peers that is connected through media and technology.

In their book, Connecting to the Net.Generation: What Higher Education Professionals Need to Know About Today’s Students, Reynol Junco and Jeanna Mastrodicasa found that in a survey of 7,705 college students in the US.

  • 97% own a computer
  • 94% own a cell phone
  • 85% use instant messaging
  • 30% are logged on 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • 75% use websites as their primary source of news
  • 70% own a blog
  • 80% read blogs
  • 80% of students have a Facebook account
    (Source: Wikipedia)

Not only do 21st century students expect a highly interconnected experience during their scholastic career, they are also preparing to join a workforce where social media, social marketing, networks and collaboration are increasingly necessary skills.

SocialStudent helps institutions to not only meet the needs and expectations of current students, but also to more effectively prepare students for successful futures in the business world. As a student’s digital lifestyle transitions to a highly connected, collaborative digital workstyle, the skills and practices developed through use of SocialStudent will become assets in the marketplace.